Paris Youth
Dan Boulton
First Edition 2023

Published by Chinagraph Books

Foreword by Nick Waplington
Q&A with Ashleigh Kane (Dazed Magazine)

Shot in Paris over a period of 2 years 2020 – 2022, Boulton’s portraits within Paris Youth are from a mix of friends, new friends, muses, skaters, artists, designers and models. 
An exploration of Parisian youth culture, it's a look at the latest generation of kids who have either grown up in the various arrondissements or who have made it their home and are contributing to a new chapter in the cultural history of this dynamic city.

‘When I look at Dan Boulton’s photographs of Parisian youth I see that strength of will and determination. These pictures capture a positivity and resilience I have only seen before in the French portraits of Paul Strand, most famously in his portrait of a young Frenchman (“Jeune Garcon, Charente, 1951”). Like Strand, Boulton is a foreigner in France, and is able to see and portray a potency and vigor in the young that is too often notably absent in Anglo countries like the United States and Great Britain. These pictures movingly capture this emotive force, this combination of vulnerability, pride, strength. Like Strand’s portraits, Boulton’s images offer the viewer a glimpse of youth’s brave optimism in dark times.’

Nick Waplington.

Dazed Magazine

Clothbound Hardback Book, Embossed title on the spine and a tipped in photograph on front cover.
220mm x 285mm
102 pages with 50 Litho printed photographs.
Edition of 250

ISBN: 978-1-3999-4908-8

standard edition: £40.00 GBP

Special edition: £100.00 GBP

A special edition of 50 copies which are signed and numbered
with a corresponding signed 8” x 10” photographic print housed within an archival sleeve.
The photographic prints have been hand processed in the darkroom by Dan Boulton on Ilford RC Paper.